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Ole Olsen Årøy and his family

Ole Olsen Årøy was the oldest of the eight children of Ole Olsen Huas, Drabeng, and Bereth Olsdatter, Rotsundelv, married 19 August 1806, Skjervøy.

Ole Olsen Huas (1782-?)

Son of Ole Joensen Huas and his second wife, Elen Henriksdatter. Ole Olsen Huas and his brother Jon Olsen Huas (1784-1842) were tenants of Drabeng from 1812.

Bereth Olsdatter (1779-?)

One of the seven daughters of Ole Jacobsen, Rotsundelv, and Kirsten Hansdatter of Nordreisa.

Ole Olsen Huas and Bereth's children were:-

By 1827 Ole Olsen Årøy is working for Jens Wasmuth på Årøyholmen. In June 1828 Ana Rastedatter, also working for Handelsman Wasmuth, has his illegitimate child, Ole Olsen (1828-?). The following year he becomes a father again when Ana Maria Pedersdatter from Karnes has his second illegitimate child, Ole Martin (1829-?).

On 12 Sep 1830 Ole Olsen Årøy marries Ingeborg Dorothea Larsdatter (1807-after 1874), the only child of Lars Monsen and his second wife Pernille Sørensdatter, Ibestad. Her mother Pernille was 42 years old when she had Ingeborg and her father died at sea only a few months later. Ingeborg was brought up in Lensmann Ekroll's household on Karnes i Lyngen and worked on Årøy in 1829 when she met Ole. We can imagine that Ekroll was not amused when Ingeborg became pregnant by Ole Olsen, his third child (and the third mother) in two years, and made sure that Ole did the right thing. He was just in time. Their son Lars Andreas Olsen was born two weeks after they got married.

Ole Olsen Årøy and Ingeborg's children were:-

Huas Marit and Ole Henrik were second cousins; their great grandparents were Ole Joensen Huas and Elen Henriksdatter.

In 1865, we find them, fifth generation Huas, living in Drabeng.

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