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In the summer of 1800, Johan Erik Forström (1775-1824) travelled from Uppsala, where he was a student of Thunberg, to "Norrland and Finnmarken" where he visited Lyngen, Fugleøy and Tromsø. His record of his travels was published in 1917 as "I Norrlandsstäder och Lapplandsbygd År 1800." (Nationalförlaget, Stockholm)

Although, as might be expected of a student of Thunberg, one of Linnaeus's best-known disciples, the intention was that Forsström and his companion Wahlenberg would study the insect- and plant-life of the places they visited, the main interest for us has been the descriptions of Lyngseidet society. Forsström's description of morning coffee with fru Klæboe, complete with morning kiss, contrasts nicely with his comments on landtdrotten's role.


The following pages are from the chapter headed "I fjordarnas land":

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