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In the census of 1865 we get our first view of Drabeng in a form we can recognize today. There are five holdings (mostly corresponding to Drabeng bruksnummer 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) occupied by seven families. Oladalen is part of Drabeng bnr 1 and bnr 2.

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Six of the families have direct connections to the families living in Drabeng in 1801. Here they are in the order in which they appear in the census.

John Johnsen and Berit Eriksdatter: Drabeng a, (Drabeng bnr 1)

John Johnsen (1835-ca1880) (Gbgr. Leilænding Fisker Lp)

John Johnsen, Koppangen, married widow Berit Eriksdatter, Drabeng, in 1861. John was one of the three sons of John Andersen (Drabeng 1800-?) and Karen Hansdatter (1802-?).

Berit Eriksdatter (1821-?) (hans Kone Lp)

Berit was one of the daughters of Erik Eriksen Kangas, and had previously been married to Ole Lars Joensen (1827-1855), son of John Olsen Huas (1784-1842) and Marit Olsdatter (1781-1866).

Ole Lars Joensen is recorded as a tenant of Drabeng in 1852. Berit's father, Erik Eriksen Kangas, was born 1783 in Kangas in Tornedalen, but came to Lyngen in 1788 and grew up in Drabeng in Peder Jensen's household. He married Anne, the oldest daughter in Peder Jensen's family.

In 1865, John and Berit were living with their daughter Anne Kathrine Johnsdatter (1862-?) and two children from Beret's previous marriage, John Erik Olsen, later known as "gammel Jo", (1854-ca 1930) and Berith Larine Olsdatter (1851-?).

"Tjenestepigen" was Anne Eriksdatter (1844-?).

Marit Olsdatter (Berit's mother-in-law, and John Erik's and Berith Larine's grandmother) was still alive, but doesn't appear in the census returns for 1865.

Huas Ole Pedersen and Elen Johnsdatter: Drabeng b, (Drabeng bnr 2)

Huas Ole Pedersen (1807-1874) (Gbgr. Leilænding Fisker Lp), son of Peder Henriksen Vasara (1778-?) and Elen Hansdatter (?-?). The Vasara family was from Enontekis, but Peder Henriksen was born in Rastebynes, Storfjord, and must have met his future wife when they were both working in Elvejord ca 1805.

Elen Johnsdatter (1813-ca1875) (hans Kone Lp), daughter of John Olsen Huas (1784-1842) and Marit Olsdatter (1781-1866).

They were living in Drabeng with four of their six children:-

The oldest son, Peder Henrik Olsen (1834-?), was living elsewhere. Their daughter Marit was married and living with her family at the same address.

Ole Henrik Olsen and Huas Marit Olsdatter: Drabeng b, (Drabeng bnr 2)

Ole Henrik Olsen (1836-?) (Husmand med Jord Fisker Nd Kv), one of the many children of Ole Olsen Årøyen and Ingeborg Dorothea Larsdatter.

Huas Marit Olsdatter (1836-1917) (hans Kone Lp)

Huas Marit and Ole Henrik were second cousins; their great grandparents were Ole Joensen Huas and Elen Henrichsdatter.

Their two small children:-

Anne Maria Andersdatter (1840-?) was Tjenestepige, and later bore Ole Henrik's illegitimate child, Hans Olai Olsen (1867-?), known as Råko Hans.

Aslak Aslaksen and Anne Helene Eriksdatter: Drabeng c, (Drabeng bnr 4), Fastdalsøra

Aslak Aslaksen (1828-?) (Gbgr. Selveier Fisker Lp) Aslak was from Sandmælen, Kåfjord, and became the owner when he married Anne in 1855.

Anne Helene Eriksdatter (1821-1889) (hans Kone Lp)

Anne was also a daughter of Erik Eriksen Kangas and Anne Pedersdatter. She was first married to Erik Andersen (1811-1848), known as "Skrivar Erik" because he was one of the few that could write. Erik Andersen had bought the land at an auction in 1846.

Aslak and Anne have two of their own children and four children by Anne's previous marriage. Their first-born, Magdalene, died while only a baby.

Lars Andreas Olsen and Anne Helene Larsdatter: Drabeng c, (Drabeng bnr 3), Herråret

Herråret Lars Andreas Olsen (1828-?) (Gbgr. Leilending Fisker)

Herråret Lars and Ola Olsen were brothers. Their father was Gammel Herråret, i.e. Ole Andersen (1797-1839), son of Anders Larsen and Valborg Andersdatter.

Anne Helene Larsdatter (1815-1876) (hans Kone), a great-grand-daughter of Joen Peersen Huas and Alet Olsdatter.

They also had lodgers: Nils Nilssen (1786-?) (understøttes af fattigvæsenet) and his wife Anne B. Nilsdatter (1795-?) as well as Sunnild, or Synnøve, Larsdatter (1795-1868) (Spinderske).

Ola Olsen and Anne Maria Josvasdatter: Drabeng c*

Ola Olsen (1837-?) (Gbgr. Leilænding Fisker Lp), who also rented Strupen 1863-1907.

Anne Maria Josvasdatter (1836-1874) (hans Kone Lp) from Qvalvig, daughter of Josvas Josvassen (1802-1868) and Malene Larsdatter (1814-?).

Lars Andreas' and Ola's mother, Elen Pedersdatter (1801-?), was living with them too.

Anne Jensdatter (1842-?) was Tjenestepige. Her grandmother was the Eli Jensdatter who moved to join her brothers in Drabeng during the 1770's.

Isak Isaksen and Maria Kjerstine Nilsdatter: Drabeng d, (Drabeng bnr 5), Ophaug

Isak Isaksen (1821-?) (Gbgr. Selveier Fisker Nd).

Not only is this the only family with no apparent connection to the inhabitants of Drabeng in 1801, it is also the only family whose "ethnicity" is given as Nd, i.e. "Norrmand". Note that he also bought his land at auction in 1846 for 45 spd.

Isak was Mentioned for Valour (redningsdåd), probably in 1862, but what he did is not given. Maria Kjerstine Nilsdatter (1821-?) (hans Kone Nd Kv)

Their children living with them at the time of the census were:-