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The period between the censuses of 1865 and 1875 has been described as a time of particular hardship with two specially hard years, 1867 and 1868. However, if we compare Drabeng of the census of 1875 to the situation in 1865, we see surprisingly little to suggest that this was a time harder than any other.

There are five holdings (mostly corresponding to Drabeng bruksnummer 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) occupied by six families. Four of the families have direct connections to the families living in Drabeng in 1801. Here they are as they appear in the census of 1875.

The relationships between the inhabitants of Drabeng in 1875 are here -->

The various designations of properties in Drabeng in the censuses of 1865, 1875 and 1900 are here -->

There is a diagram showing how Drabeng bnr 1 - 5 were developed between 1900 and 1950 here -->

There seems to be some doubt as to exactly what the term "selveier" should be taken to mean in FT1875. Although each of the householders is recorded in FT1875 as "selveier", according to Lyngen Bygdebok II, Drabeng bnr. 1 (gårdnr 208) is owned by HP Figenschou, Drabeng bnr. 2 (gårdnr 209) is owned by PB Lund, and Drabeng bnr. 3 (gårdnr 208) is owned by A Rasch.

John Johnsen and Berit Eriksdatter: Drabeng Gårdsnr 208

John Johnsen (1835-ca1880) (Jordbr., Selveier Fisker) and Berit Eriksdatter (1821-?) (hans Kone)

In 1875, John Johnsen and Beret Eriksdatter were living with their daughter Anne Kathrine Johnsdatter (1862-?) and two children from Beret's previous marriage to Ole Lars Joensen (1827-1855), John Erik Olsen, later known as "gammel Jo", (1854-ca 1930) and Berith Larine Olsdatter (1851-?).

There is no trace in Lyngen of the fate of their former "Tjenestepigen" Anne Eriksdatter (1844-?).

Marit Olsdatter (Berit's mother-in-law, and John Erik's and Berith Larine's grandmother), who was almost certainly in their household (but not recorded) at FT1865, had died in 1866.

Ole Henrik Olsen and Huas Marit Olsdatter: Drabeng Gårdsnr 209

Ole Henrik Olsen (1836-?) (Jordbr., Selveier Fisker) and Huas Marit Olsdatter (1836-1917) now had six children.

Anne Maria Andersdatter (1840-?) bore Ole Henrik's illegitimate child, Hans Olai Olsen (1867-?), but she seems to have left Ole Henrik's household for Elvejord. Hans Olai was christened at home by Lars Reiersen who was from Elvejord (as were the witnesses). However, by FT 1875, Hans Olai (Råko) was back in Drabeng in Lars Andreas Olsen's household and there is no trace of Anne Maria in Lyngen.

Elen Johnsdatter (1813-?) (Føderaadskone, enke)

Elen's husband, Huas Ole Pedersen (1807-1874), had died since FT1865, and two of her children had married and moved away.

Her son Ole Johan seems never to have married and is described in FT1875 as "fisker er hjemme hos Moderen".

Aslak Aslaksen and Anne Helene Eriksdatter: Drabeng Gårdsnr 211, Fastdalsøra

Aslak Aslaksen (1828-?) (Jordbr., Selveier Fisker) and Anne Helene Eriksdatter (1821-1889) have only one of their own children, Aslak, still alive. He is still living with them. Their daughter, Inger Marie had died, 15 years old, in 1871.

Lars Andreas Olsen and Anne Helene Larsdatter: Drabeng Gårdsnr 210, Herråret

Herråret Lars Andreas Olsen (Jordbr., Selveier Fisker). He has a horse, two cows, three calves and 10 sheep, and grows potatoes and rye. He and Anne Helene Larsdatter (1815-1876) had three of their own children living with them -

and a foster-child, Hans Olai Olsen (1867-?), who was the illegitimate son of Ole Henrik Olsen and Anne Maria Andersdatter (1840-?). Their other daughter, Vivike Hansine Larssdatter (1852-?) had married Hans Jonsen and was living in Storvolden with two children, Lars Johan (1872-?) and Anne Hansina (1874-?).

Ola Olsen: Formerly living at Drabeng c*

The death of his wife, Anne Maria Josvasdatter, in 1874, left Ola Olsen with four young children. By the census of 1875, he had moved to Koppangen with Olene Marie and Hans Olaus, and arranged foster parents for the two others. Anne Larine was with Nils Marthin Petersen and Ingeborg Katrine Isaksdatter in Hammervig, and Alette Johanne was fostered with John Johnsen and Berit Eriksdatter in Drabeng.

Isak Isaksen and Maria Kjerstine Nilsdatter: Drabeng Gårdsnr 212, Ophaug

Isak Isaksen (1821-?) (Gbgr. Selveier Fisker) and Maria Kjerstine Nilsdatter (1821-?) (hans Kone) still had all their children at home.

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