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Jens Jensen and his family

Jens Jensen was a restless soul. He lived in Kåfjord and married Eli Pedersdatter in 1753. Soon after they had their first son, Henrich, and moved to Manndal where they cleared some land on the east side of the river. Their second son, Peder, was born in Manndal in 1756 and a third, Jens, in 1760.

The start in Manndal cannot have been a big success. Some time in early 1763 they moved again, this time to Vannvåg on Vanna, apparently leaving Henrich and Peder with fosterparents in Drabeng and Jens with fosterparents in Koppangen (where he died at the age of nine). Jens Jensen and Eli Pedersdatter have two more children, Eli and Lars, before disappearing from the records.

If you wonder why the Jensen children went to Drabeng, read this little story. -->

The two older brothers grew up and prospered in Drabeng. Henrich was obviously brought up as a god-fearing young man. So much so that he was called on to christen at least three children whom the parents thought might not make it to church. At the age of 21, Henrich Jensen married Marith Andersdatter, the daughter of Anders Olsen and Elen Samuelsdatter, Oxevig. He and Marith had three sons, Lars, Jens and Hans, in Drabeng before moving to Qvalvig ca 1780. Some time during the 1770s, Henrich and Peder Jensen's younger brother Lars and sister Eli also seem to have moved to Drabeng. In 1780 Eli is confirmed in Lyngen and given as living in Drabeng, and in 1783 Lars is confirmed with the same address. Eli marries Lars Andersen, Oxevig, in 1789. He is the brother of Marith Andersdatter who married Eli's brother Henrich.

Henrich and the younger brother Lars both eventually move to Laksvik in Ullsfjord where they and their families appear in the census of 1801. In 1814, "gårdmann Johan Hysing Grimlund og sjøfinn Henrich Jensen" were chosen on behalf of Karlsøy prestegjelds almue "å møte ved den berammede amtsforsamling til valget av de 3 menn fra Finnmarken Amt, som skulle møte i Eidsvoll, for å bestemme og anta Kongeriket Norges regjeringsform."

Peder was also brought up in the church and was confirmed in 1775. In 1785 he marries Ane, one of the six daughters of Lars Jacobsen and Marit Olsdatter in Elvejord, and the following year Peder becomes a tenant in Drabeng. There they live and bring up their five children, Anne, Elen, Lars, Marit and Berret, and, it would seem, a fosterchild, Erik Eriksen, who came to Lyngen in 1788 when he was five years old.

I 1787 ble disse ilagt att betale leding:

Peder Jensens bror, Henrich, og Niels Thomesen var husmenn og ble fritatte.

Om Peder Jensens bygsel bare gjelder en del av det opprinnelige Drabeng eller om det var samme eiendom som tidligere bygslets av Anders Johnsen er vanskelig å si. In 1801, Drabeng is occupied by four families, all with clear connections to Joen Peersen Huas.